2018 World Fantasy Convention℠

Dates: November 1 – 4, 2018
Site: Baltimore Renaissance Harborplace Hotel
City: Baltimore, Maryland
Theme: Ports in a Storm, Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Frankenstein
Guests of Honor: Scott Edelman, Kaaron Warren, Tom Kidd, Michael J. Walsh
Special Guest: Aliette de Bodard
Toastmaster: Linda D. Addison

Chair: Bill Lawhorn & Ann Marie Rudolph

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Winners & Nominees

First NameLast NameYearCategoryTitleFinal
Charles de Lint2018Life AchievementWinner
BetsyWollheim2018Life AchievementWinner
S. A.Chakraborty2018NovelThe City of Brass Nominee
John Crowley2018NovelKa: Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr Nominee
Theodora Goss2018NovelThe Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter Nominee
Daryl Gregory2018NovelSpoonbendersNominee
Victor LaValle2018NovelThe ChangelingWinner
Fonda Lee2018NovelJade City Winner
Simon AveryLaValle2018Long FictionThe Teardrop MethodNominee
Peter S.Beagle2018Long FictionIn CalabriaNominee
Stephen GrahamJones2018Long FictionMapping the InteriorNominee
Ellen Klages2018Long FictionPassing Strange Winner
JYYang2018Long FictionThe Black Tides of Heaven Nominee
Fonda Lee2018Short Fiction"Old Souls"Nominee
Rebecca Roanhorse2018Short Fiction"Welcome to Your Authentic Indian ExperienceTM"Nominee
Natalia Theodoridou2018Short Fiction"The Birding: A Fairy Tale"Winner
Fran Wilde2018Short Fiction"Clearly Lettered in a Mostly Steady Hand"Nominee
Caroline Yoachim2018Short Fiction"Carnival Nine"Nominee
Peter S.Beagle 2018AnthologyThe New Voices of FantasyWinner
Jacob Weisman2018AnthologyThe New Voices of FantasyWinner
Ellen Datlow 2018AnthologyBlack Feathers: Dark Avian TalesNominee
Gardner Dozois2018AnthologyThe Book of SwordsNominee
Mahvesh Murad 2018AnthologyThe Djinn Falls in Love and Other StoriesNominee
Jared Shurin2018AnthologyThe Djinn Falls in Love and Other StoriesNominee
William Schafer2018AnthologyThe Best of SubterraneanNominee
Ellen Klages2018CollectionWicked WondersNominee
Carmen MariaMachado2018CollectionHer Body and Other PartiesNominee
TimPowers2018CollectionDown and Out in Purgatory: The Collected Stories of Tim PowersNominee
Sofia Samatar2018CollectionTenderNominee
JaneYolen2018CollectionThe Emerald CircusWinner
HarryBrockway2018Special - Profor Writing MadnessWinner
PatrickMcMath2018Special - Profor Writing MadnessWinner
DanelOlson2018Special - Profor Writing MadnessWinner
C. C.Finlay2018Special - Profor F&SF editingNominee
IreneGallo2018Special - Profor art direction, TorNominee
GregoryKetter2018Special - Profor Dreamhaven BooksNominee
LeslieKlinger2018Special - Profor The New Annotated FrankensteinNominee
Scott H. Andrews 2018Special - Non-Pro for Beneath Ceaseless Skies: Literary AdventureNominee
JustinaIreland2018Special - Non-Profor FIYAH: Magazine of Black Speculative FictionWinner
Troy L.Wiggins2018Special - Non-Profor FIYAH: Magazine of Black Speculative FictionWinner
KhaalidahMuhammad-Ali2018Special - Non-Profor PodCastleNominee
Jen R.Albert2018Special - Non-Profor PodCastleNominee
Ray B.Russell2018Special - Non-Profor Tartarus PressNominee
RosalieParker2018Special - Non-Profor Tartarus PressNominee
Lynne M.Thomas2018Special - Non-Profor Uncanny MagazineNominee
Michael DamianThomas2018Special - Non-Profor Uncanny MagazineNominee