Each convention is operated by a local committee that has presented a bid to the World Fantasy Convention℠ Board of Directors (Board) to bear the convention’s name. These committees are expected to both follow the guidelines provided by the Board, and give a regional flavor to the overall convention. While the Board provides guidance, usually assigns a Board member to serve as an advisor to the convention, and often has members volunteer to serve the local convention as needed, the responsibility falls on individual convention committees to take responsibility for member and guest needs and expectations, and for meeting Board guidelines and local laws. Convention operations are the responsibility of the local committee.

Local committees must comply with the WFC Access Policy and the WFC Code of Conduct.

Bids for conventions are judged by the Board based on the appropriateness of the location (both geographically and physical convention space), skills and experience of the bid committee, and the proposed themes of the convention. The Board tries to vary locales awarded bids to avoid consecutive conventions in the same region of North America, and to alternate between conventions held in the continental United States and international destinations. Interested bidders please consult the Board’s bidding guidelines and requirements for a successful bid.

The Board provides guidelines and bid requirements to help maintain the “flavor” of WFC as a brand that focuses primarily on the literature and art and is a convention that brings together authors, agents, editors, artists, and booksellers as well as readers and fans; it is intentionally capped, currently at 950 members, to help generate a sense of community. The attendees come together to celebrate fantasy and thus WFC has selective programming and expanded social networking opportunities, placing an important emphasis on the amenities of the hotel’s restaurant and bar capacity, a preference to have the main hotel capable of housing most of the attendees, and destinations within walking distance of the main hotel to help maintain the sense of convention community. This small size and atmosphere of social networking and business, combined with the focus on literature and the art that illustrates it, is intended to distinguish WFC from other traveling and international conventions. The evolution of digital media has led to some evolution in the programming of WFC over the years, but the focus remains on the art and written word and the goal of providing meaningful interactions between devotees of the field.

Local convention committees are encouraged to ensure a positive member experience.