2009: World Fantasy Convention℠ 2009

Dates: October 29-November 1, 2009
Site: The Fairmont Hotel
City: San Jose, California
Theme: Celebrating Edgar Allan Poe™’s 200th Birthday
Guests of Honor: Garth Nix, Michael Swanwick, Ann & Jeff VanderMeer
Artist Guest of Honor: Lisa Snellings
Toastmaster: Jay Lake
Special Guests: Zoran Zivkovic, Donald Sidney-Fryer, Richard A. Lupoff
Chair: David Gallagher

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Winners & Nominees

First NameLast NameYearCategoryTitleFinal
EllenAsher2009Life AchievementWinner
JaneYolen2009Life AchievementWinner
JeffreyFord2009Novel"The Shadow Year "Winner
MargoLanagan2009Novel"Tender Morsels "Winner
KageBaker2009Novel"The House of the Stag "Nominee
NeilGaiman2009Novel"The Graveyard Book "Nominee
DarylGregory2009Novel"Pandemonium "Nominee
RichardBowes2009Novella"If Angels Fight "Winner
Peter S.Beagle2009Novella"Uncle Chaim and Aunt Rifke and the Angel "Nominee
AlbertCowdrey2009Novella"The Overseer "Nominee
NeilGaiman2009Novella"Odd and the Frost Giants "Nominee
NisiShawl2009Novella"Good Boy "Nominee
KijJohnson2009Short Fiction"26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss "Winner
KageBaker2009Short Fiction"Caverns of Mystery "Nominee
JohnKessel2009Short Fiction"Pride and Prometheu s "Nominee
SarahPinborough2009Short Fiction"Our Man in the Sudan "Nominee
Catherynne M.Valente2009Short Fiction"A Buyer's Guide to Maps of Antarctica "Nominee
EkaterinaSedia2009Anthology"Paper Cities: An Anthology of Urban Fantasy "Winner
John JosephAdams2009Anthology"The Living DeadNominee
EllenDatlow2009Anthology"The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy "Nominee
EllenDatlow2009Anthology"The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2008: Twenty-First Annual Collection "Nominee
KellyLink2009Anthology"The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2008: Twenty-First Annual Collection "Nominee
Gavin J.Grant2009Anthology"The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2008: Twenty-First Annual Collection "Nominee
AnnVanderMeer2009Anthology"Steampunk "Nominee
JeffVanderMeer2009Anthology"Steampunk "Nominee
JeffreyFord2009Collection"The Drowned Life "Winner
Peter S.Beagle2009Collection"Strange Roads "Nominee
KellyLink2009Collection"Pretty Monsters "Nominee
Nisi "Shawl2009Collection"Filter HouseNominee
ShaunTan2009Collection"Tales from Outer Suburbia "Nominee
Kinuko Y.Craft2009ArtistNominee
KellyLink2009Special - ProSmall Beer Press and Big Mouth HouseWinner
Gavin J.Grant2009Special - ProSmall Beer Press and Big Mouth HouseWinner
FarahMendlesohn2009Special - ProRhetorics of FantasyNominee
Stephen H.Segal2009Special - ProWeird TalesNominee
AnnVanderMeer2009Special - ProWeird TalesNominee
JeradWalters2009Special - ProA Lovecraft Retrospective: Artists Inspired by H.P. LovecraftNominee
JacobWeisman2009Special - ProTachyon PublicationsNominee
Michael J.Walsh2009Special - Non-ProHoward Waldrop collections from Old Earth BooksWinner
Edith L.Crowe2009Special - Non-Proher work with The Mythopoeic SocietyNominee
JohnKlima2009Special - Non-ProElectric VelocipedeNominee
EliseMatthesen2009Special - Non-Prosetting out to inspire and for serving as inspiration for works of poetry, fantasy, and SF over the last decade through her jewelry-making and her artist's challenges.Nominee
SeanWallace2009Special - Non-ProClarkesworldNominee
NeilClarke2009Special - Non-ProClarkesworldNominee
NickMamatas2009Special - Non-ProClarkesworldNominee