1978: The 4th World Fantasy Convention℠

Site: Sheraton Fort Worth Hotel
City: Fort Worth, Texas
Theme: Robert E. Howard
Guest of Honor: Fritz Leiber
Guest Artist: Alicia Austin
Toastmaster (Scheduled): Gahan Wilson
Toastmaster (Actual): Andy Offutt
Chair: Michael Templin

Winners & Nominees

First NameLast NameYearCategoryTitleFinal
Frank BelknapLong 1978Life AchievementWinner
FritzLeiber1978Novel"Our Lady of Darkness"Winner
Stephen R.Donaldson1978Novel"The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever"Nominee
Charles L. Grant1978Novel"The Hour of the Oxrun Dead"Nominee
RamseyCampbell1978Short Fiction"The Chimney"Winner
HarlanEllison1978Short Fiction"Jeffty Is Five"Nominee
RamseyCampbell1978Short Fiction"Loveman's Comeback"Nominee
AvramDavidson1978Short Fiction"Manatee Gal Ain't You Coming Out Tonight"Nominee
JackVance1978Short Fiction"The Bagful of Dreams"Nominee
Charles L. Grant1978Short Fiction"When All the Children Call My Name"Nominee
Hugh B. Cave1978Collection/Anthology"Murgunstrumm and Others"Winner
RobertBloch1978Collection/Anthology"Cold Chills"Nominee
FritzLeiber1978Collection/Anthology"Swords and Ice Magic"Nominee
Stuart DavidSchiff1978Collection/Anthology"Whispers"Nominee
Gerald W. Page1978Collection/Anthology"Year's Best Horror Stories V"Nominee
Lee BrownCoye1978ArtistWinner
MichaelWhelan 1978ArtistNominee
E. F. Bleiler1978Special - ProWinner
BallantineBooks1978Special - ProNominee
Edward L. Ferman1978Special - ProNominee
Donald A. Wollheim 1978Special - ProNominee
RobertWeinberg1978Special - Non-ProWinner
JonathanBacon1978Special - Non-ProNominee
W. PaulGanley1978Special - Non-ProNominee
GarryHoppenstand1978Special - Non-ProNominee
StephenJones1978Special - Non-ProNominee
Harry O. Morris 1978Special - Non-ProNominee
GlennLord1978Convention AwardWinner